Welcome to The Walking Lawyer!

Walking helps me think…to problem solve…to be creative.

Too many of us spend too long sat down: commuting to work, sitting at our desks, on the phone, in meeting rooms etc.

I’m stepping forward to advocate for more walking in our working days. As an employment lawyer I love to talk about HR issues, work-related law and well-being, preferably while walking.

Follow my twitter hashtag #workwalking if you’re interested in how walking can improve work, performance, decision-making, general health and happiness.

Got a comment? I’d love to hear about your walking meetings and other forms of work walking. Leave a comment.


The Walking Lawyer

The Health Benefits of Walking

I blog and tweet about the physical and mental health benefits of walking during and outside our work lives.


Your walking at work experiences

Walking at work stories: This page is where visitors can leave comments about walking at work, how you did it, when, where and what (if any) problems you encountered. Plus any tips you might have or stats about how far you managed to walk at work. Leave your comments below.