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Workplace health and wellbeing.

This website began life as a lawyer’s blog about walking and work. Many of us spend too long sat down at our desks, on the phone or in meetings. That’s not great from a health point of view.  With a few simple steps (pun intended) we can all walk more during our working days and become healthier and happier.

The website has developed a wider brief covering employee health and wellbeing – and specifically how we (employers, human resources, managers) can create a culture of wellness in our organisations to enable employees to be the best they can and develop a sense of purpose, workplace happiness and belonging. Because happy healthy employees are the best kind of employees to help the organisations they work in to flourish.

Thanks for reading

John Hassells, employment lawyer, AKA The Walking Lawyer.

Topics we discuss

Looking after remote workers.

Mental health – resilience, mindfulness, stress management, growth mindset;

Physical health – improving fitness, nutrition and sleep;

Fostering a sense of purpose – career goals, motivation, & progression;

Social connections – building a sense of belonging, connections and supporting teams;

Financial health – budgeting, financial planning, pensions and insurance benefits.

Employee self-care – enabling employees to take active steps to look after themselves, learn and grow;

Wellbeing Apps and technology.


To help companies to foster a working environment where happy, healthy and energised employees can help your business thrive;

To inform, inspire and educate;

To feature experts, resources and services to help organisations design and deliver a wellbeing programme;

To bring together a community of wellbeing @ work champions to support, share and network – so we can improve the lives of the people in our organisations.

To improve the lives of the people in our organisations.

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